15 April 2010


Freak of the Week: Peter Weller appears on a subway after some blue other-universe lens flares. All of the passengers die and all of the electronic devices go out.

Peter Weller is a time traveler, and once he's caught by the team he travels back in time to start over. So we relive the opening scene and the team's investigation, while Olivia experiences some déjà vu. Peter Weller appears to be fusing himself with metal coils and machinery, turning himself into a time traveling Robocop.

Walter writes a confession to Peter and I already want to die from it. WAAALTER! He puts it in an envelope and I realize it'll be too much for me to handle once the moment of truth arrives. The pain's too great already. This show makes me melodramatic. Let's go back to the freak story before I lose my mind.

Robocop is time traveling to try to save the life of his dead GF. Walter talks to Robocop and shares his story of what he was willing to do because of grief, tells him that there will be repercussions to his actions. He time jumps a couple more times until he lands where he needs to in order to prevent his GF's car accident. But he doesn't prevent it, instead dying alongside her in the accident.

In the altered timeline, Walter still writes the confession to Peter, but then he burns the letter.

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: Walter eats (or kind of just fondles, actually) a Twizzler.

This Week's Code: SECRET.

This was a good episode, very quiet and sad. I don't like my Fringe sad - it's too much for me to take. And that preview? Yeah, I'm not going to be able to watch that.

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