10 April 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: create a look inspired by the circus. Oh now that's just asking for a disaster.

Jay's was kind of literal with that red ringmaster jacket, but he does always make good pants.

Mila's is crap crap CRAP. God I hate her. It's so ugly. DIE!

Anthony didn't use black and white stripes like most everyone else, and it totally looked like fashion. But evidently it was polyester which is a Mortal Sin.

I loved Emilio's - it was dramatic and gorgeous and still circus-inspired.

Seth Aaron!! Holy crap!!!! It looks like Ronald McDonald. Doesn't The Hamburglar wear something like that? Oh holy hell save me!!!

OK seriously, are Anthony and Jay dating? Because they both said they wanted to share the experience of the finale together and were tearing up when they said it. Are they BFFs or something more?

Winner: Emilio. They said it was their favorite of the whole season.

Bye-bye: Anthony. Boo. Understandable, but boo.

So for the finale we get Emilio (a cocky bastard, but freaking talented), Seth Aaron (didn't believe in him in the beginning, but I've liked a lot of what he's done), Jay (my awesome gay Asian), and Mila (one of these things is not like the other one, one of these things does not belong). They're doing that thing again where Mila and Jay both make collections, but only one is really shown. I hate that bitch.

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Kim said...

i can't believe Mila has made it this far. It's crap. Boooo to Anthony leaving me again. And I totally called the Anthony/Jay hook-up thing a long time ago. check your comments. They have chemistry!!! Wouldn't their babies be adorable?