20 April 2010


It's Jack/Locke face-off time, and the men go off to the side to talk it out. Maybe this is the first time they've come face-to-face? Must be. Jack asks if Smokey ever looked like his father. Yes - Smokey took that form to help Jack find water on his third day on the Island.

Smokey Locke is trying to get everyone to gather together and get off the Island. Sawyer has plans to take his select few (normal, living, non-crazy) people to a boat and ditch Locke. When Jack breaks Sun, Frank, and Hurley off from Locke's path, Claire watches and follows -- and she's pissed about being abandoned again. Kate had promised that she'd take Claire back to Aaron, and so Kate insists she come with. You don't want that kind of crazy on a tiny boat with the rest of you.

Smokey Locke sends Sayid to kill Desmond at the bottom of the not-as-deep-as-I-thought well. Sayid tells Locke he did it, but I don't think he did.

Sawyer & Company sail off and I'm kind of bitter Miles isn't with the group. Where the hell did he go again? Jack's wondering if maybe they should all be staying on the Island because it's not done with them yet. Sawyer's all, You can get off the damn boat, I ain't goin' back. And Jack gets off the damn boat and swims back to the Island and Locke.

When the boat makes it ashore, Sun and Jin reunite on the beach and I had forgotten that she has basically thought he was dead for the past 3 years. Awwww, how sweet. Also, she gets her ability to speak English back. Awwww, how convenient.

That Liz Lemon chick holds Sawyer & Company at gunpoint and then fires missiles or something over in Locke's direction. Tragically, they don't appear to hit Jack in the face.

Non-Island Action:

Locke is en route to the hospital after being run over by Desmond. He's brought in at the same time as Sun and her gunshot wound. Sun seems to recognize Locke.

My favorite buddy cop team of Sawyer and Miles arrest Sayid for Sun's shooting and the murders.

Desmond runs into Claire on her way to the adoption agency and convinces her to see a lawyer -- that chick whose ass blew up last week. Coincidentally, she was actually looking for Claire because... Jack and his son go to a reading of their dad's will (cuz that's fun bonding time). Claire tells him that they share a dad, and then Jack is called off for an emergency at the hospital, that emergency being... Locke. Sun's OK, by the way, and I guess a gunshot to the uterus isn't harmful to babies after all.

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