14 April 2010


Non-Island Hurley is being honored for his charitable good works, done with the money from his chicken empire. His mom still isn't happy though, because Hurley needs a woman.

She hooks Hurley up on a blind date, but he runs into Libby at the restaurant instead. She recognizes him because she says they're soulmates. "You don't remember me, do you?" she asks. She says he's an old friend, and then her doctor comes over and takes her away. So is she nuts or does she actually recall the time on the Island? Whatever the case, I love that a mental hospital takes patients on a field trip to a Mexican restaurant, complete with the van and everything. Fun times.

Desmond and Hurley meet in a Mr. Cluck's, and Hurley tells him about his nutsy encounter with Libby. This piques Desmond's interest of course because of his whole destiny thing. Desmond is going around trying to get people to remember their Island lovers, right?

Hurley heads to the mental hospital, strokes a check for 100 grand, and gets in to see Libby. She says that when she saw him on TV she got a rush of sudden memories of some other life. She remembers a plane crash and that they liked each other, and she also remembers him being at the mental hospital with her before. He doesn't remember her, but asks her out on a date (she's in the hospital voluntarily, so she can leave).

They have a picnic on the beach and Libby gets déjà vu from it. When they kiss, Hurley totally gets flashes of Island memories. OH SNAP! Desmond witnesses this and then drives off, all successful in his dual-reality matchmaking.

Island Hurley visits Libby's grave, where he is visited by a vision of Michael. Michael says he wants to prevent Hurley from killing everyone. See, Richard and company want to blow up the plane to prevent Smokey from flying off the Island. So That One Chick gets some dynamite from the Black Rock - and when Hurley tries to warn her not to do it - she blows the eff up. R.I.P. That chick with the accent who was hella devoted to Jacob. BAM!

Despite the blowing up, Richard is ready to get more dynamite and go. Hurley stop him from doing that by... blowing up all the dynamite. Hurley says they have to go talk to Locke, but Richard doesn't wanna. Ben agrees to go with Richard to find some explosives elsewhere, and Miles goes with.

On their way through the jungle, everyone hears the whispers, and Hurley knows what they are - dead souls stuck on the Island.

Sayid shows back up at Smokey!Locke's camp, bringing Desmond with him. Well actually, he has Desmond tied to a tree and brings Locke to him.

Desmond and Locke go walking and see a boy in the jungle. Locke tells him to ignore the boy and walks away. He takes Desmond to an old well, they talk for a bit, and then Locke throws Desmond down into it. Nooooo! Locke comes back to the camp, sans Desmond, just as Hurley and company walk in. Alright, so now most everyone is all together again. There's a weird Jack/Locke face-off complete with ominous music and close-ups and then we're back to Off Island.

Non-Island Desmond is watching as Locke wheels himself down the road outside his school. Ben comes over to make sure Desmond isn't a perv. Desmond then plows his car into Locke and runs his crippled ass over. OH HOLY HELL! That was kind of funny. Ben comes running over to help Locke. The end. And dammit - I don't get a preview because I'm watching online. Dagger!

Wait - does this mean Locke and Ben are soulmates?

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