19 April 2010


Jack's GF is dead. This doesn't bode well for the rest of the world. VENGEANCE!!!

But first we just get sad puppy Jack. Sad, sad puppy Jack, pulled into focus by a call from Chloe. She puts Jack in touch with that Russian Dad Who Killed His Sons A While Back. After Jack threatens to kill his family and/or put them into Witness Protection, the Russian Dude tells him that Moscow's behind everything and that Starbuck knows everything. Bauer/Starbuck Showdown, coming right up!

Charles Logan and his Turkey Neck join Novakovich for breakfast and a little light blackmail. He convinces the Russian Minister to rejoin the peace agreement. Logan is so thrilled by his victory it's adorable. Ethan's all, "How'd you do it? No really - how'd you do it?" Logan ain't telling - but he's mighty pleased with himself and he wants credit. Oh how I missed this egomaniac - he wants a Secret Service agent reassigned when he gets a disdainful look. Love him!

Starbuck claims not to know anything about why Renee would be killed. Jack decides she's lying and starts beating the living crap out of her. If there's one thing this show loves, it's violence against women.

Logan gets wind of Jack and his rampage and goes to President Taylor to stop him. He tells the President that the Russian government is behind everything today and that he used that info to blackmail them back to the peace table. Logan doesn't want the news about Russia coming out because it'll endanger the peace talks. He wants to cover it all up, and wants President Taylor to bury it with him - for the greater good. This is all terribly complicated, as all of Charles Logan's motives always are. Cuz I don't know - can't you just do the whole peace thing in a month or so when this blows over?

Jack calls the President looking for an immunity deal for Starbuck. She ignores his call. IGNORES IT! She heads to CTU to talk to Jack in person. Is this the best use of her presidential resources? Cisco has some amazing teleconferencing capabilities, or so says this show. I can't imagine she'll be leaving CTU alive - she's gotta be shot by someone, right? Maybe Arlo. So far he's been really purposeless. Nothing going on with him this season other than being a whiny bitch?

The President orders Jack to stand down and not question Starbuck, to leave well enough alone. I guess she wanted to do it face-to-face so he'd realize she was serious. Plus she has a helicopter ready to escort his ass out of CTU. Damn, Jack Bauer just got owned.

Before leaving, the President orders Chloe to make sure security around Starbuck is airtight, thereby guaranteeing that it won't be. On the way out, Jack takes an agent hostage and commandeers the helicopter. Of course he does.

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Karen said...

Hahahaha, good summary!
1. I can't take the thought that Jack and Chloe are working on "opposite" sides right now. Such the conflict of interest! It'll be interesting to see if they make that a big deal or not
2. Jack is alone, again
3. I really thought the twist with the Presidential plot was intriguing. Logan is the best "motivational speaker" ever...so sneaky that one. But Taylor, who has only shown herself to be a woman who won't be morally compromised (hello, you sent your daughter to jail and wrecked your marriage?!) is now forced into making this decision for the greater good. And stop the good guy from serving justice. I think it's interesting and horribly complicated.
4. Logan really makes me uncomfortable sometimes!!