08 April 2010


Freak of the Week: Diane Kruger! Eff yeah! Pacey and Diane Kruger forever! I'll always love a Fringe/Inglourious Basterds connection. Always. She even said "Gorlami" which is a total shout-out! Love her!

Anyway, she's talking to some sickly dude, he touches her arm, and then soon after she develops nasty-ass boils that spread up her arm and all over. Puke.

Walter examines the body and thinks they're cancerous tumors, not lesions. He can also tell that the cancer was given to her by someone's touch.

The Cancer Transmitter hits a grocery store next, getting sicker as he walks through, touching all the produce on his way out. Goddammit! Get your cancer germs off my apples! He visits a dude, shakes his hand, and the dude gets Diane Kruger Syndrome.

Peter thinks Olivia is awkward around him because they almost kissed in Jacksonville. He says he likes their little dysfunctional family unit and doesn't want to do anything to mess it up. Yay - I always thought of them more as brother and sister.

Olivia can't sleep and returns to her guru at the bowling alley. Sweet, I missed him. He also stops by at one point to play Clue with Olivia at midnight.

So here's the connection: Diane Kruger, Cancer Transmitter, and the Other Victim are all Cortexifan drug trial kids like our Olivia. Cancer Transmitter is able to transfer his cancer to other Cortexikids. He comes to visit Olivia, but she's tough so she kicks his ass.

Olivia really wants to tell Peter the truth, but Walter is all, "Oh hell no, we finally have a relationship, give me some time!" By the end of the episode, Olivia is back to thinking it's a good idea to keep the secret, but then Walter says he knows he'll have to tell him the truth.

Walter's Line of the Week: "Can you get a sample of this pus, please, Peter?"

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: Taffy. Because Walter uses some weird baking-of-the-skin method to pull Cancer Transmitter's fingerprints. "Since we're baking, we may as well make some taffy." He also drinks a cappuccino, two squirts of peppermint. Sounds awesome. Just might get me one tomorrow!

This Week's Code: ENERGY.

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JayBah said...

No food last week so we used the blue serum as our inspiration. We made cloudy blue jello jigglers and drank blue gatorade from some plastic beakers.

Taffy, not so excited about. Thank goodness for the cappuccino's! Wonder if they could be mochaccino's with 2 squirts of peppermint...that would be even better! Oooh, or frappuccino! Artistic liberties!!