14 August 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: Design an outfit using party store supplies. Everyone's told to avoid the tablecloths and wrapping paper, since they're similar to fabric and would be deemed too easy.

Casanova gets plush puppies and skins them for their fur. Call PETA!

I'm glad that Tim laughs (dies laughing, really) over wooly balls. That's my kind of sense of humor.

Loved: Christopher, Ivy, the Good Michael, and Andy - they really transformed the materials into something else, really made them look like textiles. I didn't really love Gretchen's overall look, but the paper jacket looked like leather.

Hated: Casanova's was pretty gross - just kind of all over the place, not to mention mostly made with a tablecloth. I love Sarah and AJ, but her dress looked like a crappy cardboard Halloween costume and his looked like Barbie puked in a glittery bucket. It looked like beads were hanging out of the model's vagina -- pretty funny.

Gretchen's personality is bothering everyone, including me. I'm sure it was all in the editing though - they really just showed her blabbing away and forcing her opinion on everyone. They probably all do that.

Winner: Andy. YAY! His transformed-ribbon dress was so edgy and detailed and difficult - and he made a little fingerless glove from balloons. Loved it! It looks metallic and spiky, but it's all hand-woven ribbon.

Bye-bye: Sarah. Sadness, but that dress was horrific. See what I mean by cardboard Halloween costume? Actually, I've seen nicer cardboard Halloween costumes.

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Mary said...

I <3 Mondo. The juice drink.