07 August 2010

Top Chef: DC

Quickfire: Make an Ethiopian-inspired dish. Goat leg, lamb tongue. Ew. No thanks. Tiffany won - and I like her - so yay.

Elimination Challenge: Make a dish inspired by an assigned country, and serve it to a party of diplomats. The party is at the Meridian House -- I went to a party there once! It was my old law firm's 20th (?) anniversary party and it was awesome. Yep, totally remember being there. Kickass!

The episode is pretty boring, but the whole thing reminds me of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Can't wait - October, baby!

Winner: Tiffany, even with immunity. She made some yummy chicken tamales.

Bye-bye: Stephen and his not-Brazilian food. He's definitely been weak all season so that's fine with me.

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