01 August 2010

Project Runway

First impressions: I love A.J. badly. I like Ivy (I have to, since she's the Asian Girl, but she needs to watch that personality) and Gretchen. I love McKell's name and the fact that she's a hippie from Utah. And I love that she left a 9-month-old baby at home. Can't let that stop you from being on a reality show! Christopher's a hotsie hotsie. I don't like Jason, Casanova, and Valerie.

Challenge: Use an item from a fellow designer's suitcase in your look - and make it in 5 hours.

Tim introduces us to the Brother Sewing Room, so named because it is outfitted with Brother brand sewing machines. Whew. For a second there, I thought he was trying to say only black guys could use the sewing room.

Casanova drapes his model in a barely-there scarf dress and the judges freak out at the vulgarity. LOL of the Show: Michael Kors calls Casanova's model a pole dancer in Dubai. He's right - take a look.

Winner: Gretchen. It was a beautiful dress, and she made cute flutter sleeves out of the beaded top she had to use.

There are 6 people in the bottom, though I'd say only about 3 are god-awful (Jason, Casanova, April).

Bye-bye: McKell (Damn!). That's bull that she left and Casanova didn't. Boo. Oh well, at least I got a new Favorite Girl's Name out of it.

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