22 August 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: Design a look inspired by an ugly-ass hat. Oh, I'm sorry, they are beautifully-crafted masterpieces. I guess I had that wrong. Oy.

Before the challenge, Ivy faints from a near-fatal combination of Diet Coke, cigarettes, coffee, and stress. But she's fine, so let's go back to doing all of those things and not eating.

Quote of the Week: Casanova: "I'm not like a cat, with 7 lives." I only love that man for his continual botching and misunderstanding of the English language.

Christopher's design had the most gorgeous fabric. He's really flying under the radar lately - I felt like he didn't get enough love last week - he's awesome. Tragically, the judges didn't like it. I could see how it was too gray/dark and the leggings sucked. But I really liked the design and the fabric, and so did a lot of the other designers.

April sent a diaper down the runway. It was quilted and everything - it looked like toilet paper. She sucks.

Mondo had the makeup artist draw a moustache on his model. At first I thought he was kidding when he asked for it - nope.

Gretchen's was great again - go figure. I loved AJ's polka dot dress too.

Michael C. I love him - even if he reminds me of one of those little dudes from Entourage. It's funny because the rest of the designers pretty much hated his (and loved Christopher's).

Kristin. Wow, April really dodged that bullet. She won't be around for long though.

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