08 August 2010

Project Runway

Wow, so every episode is going to be 90 minutes now? That's crazy; it's really just a lot more time wasted on sketching and hair and makeup, with a bit more backstage cattiness during judging. They've got to cut it down once we get fewer designers, right?

Challenge: Design a look for the Marie Claire woman. Talk about vague. In other words: make something pretty. The winner gets to have their look featured on a billboard.

I might like Valerie now. She reminds me of Zooey Deschanel, she just talks a lot, and kind of like a chipmunk.

Poor Mondo feels lonely and unloved. Which is sad, but then he says something like, "This gift and talent is a curse to me sometimes" and wears big orange glasses. Reign it in there, buddy - do you have low or high self-esteem here?

Jason's infinity dress is horrible, and closed with safety pins. Ew.

Tim Gunn Line of the Day: He calls Michael's look "Blanche Devereaux". Which isn't your Marie Claire woman, I guess. The other Michael, on the other hand, barely puts a dress on his model - that thing is SHORT.

I loved Andy's blouse; the pants were good too until she turned around and they had a big purple stripe running down the back. I thought Gretchen and Mondo did a great job too.

Michael Kors Line of the Day: He called Peach's look "an Amish cocktail dress." Nice. It was pretty bad, and Peach wasn't even that committed to it because it was the third thing she made that day.

Winner: Gretchen -- again. Yep, it's official - she rules. I loved this look.

Bye-bye: Jason. Good. And take your bowler hat with you. I hate you.

Bye-Bye Part 2: Nicholas. Dagger - I liked him. The look was too much, but I was warming up to him. Sadness. They should have just stayed with one elimination. I hate to see a grown man cry.

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