12 August 2010

SYTYCD: Finale: Results

The large group number begins and THEY BRING OUT ALEX AND I DIE!!! They brought him out on a rolly chair and he danced with his hands and arms. It was awesome. :)

Cat looks like a pink flower and NPH is in the audience. Mary Murphy's even back (I missed her this season). It's the finale, bitches!!!

Cat seems high all night. But knowing Cat, it's just a sugar high. Pure sugar. We get the "best of" dances and some guests:

  • Neil/Kent's baseball routine (still gay!)

  • Billy/Ade's homeless routine (still awesome!)

  • Hok's dance crew (Asians - hells yes!)

  • Adechike/Comfort's Fallin' routine (yeah, that was amazing!)

  • Anya/Kent's creepy-sexy routine (still creepy!)

  • Robert/Dominick's clown routine (awesome!)

  • a 7-year-old tap dancing boy (OMG! So cute and so good!)

  • 2 brother tap dancers ("brothers" in both senses of the word) who tap danced in perfect unison (it was crazy!)

  • Lauren/Pasha's Argentinian tango (good despite Pasha!)

  • Robert/Allison's Fix You dying mother routine (still beautiful - I almost think Robert should win just for that! Travis rules!)

  • RUSSELL AND LIL C DANCING TOGETHER!! THAT WAS INSANE!!! How awesome it was to see Russell again - I love him so much!

  • Dominick/Jose's B boy routine (Dominick's still better!)

  • The winner from SYTYCD: UK/Neil (she was great!)

We pause for our first elimination: Robert. Sadness. Especially sad because he's wearing a Bollywood costume for a later number when he's ejected. At least he went out sparkly!!! Robert, I will always love you, you handsome devil you. Plus your personality got all normal and really humble (not faux-humble) at the end! You should have pulled that out sooner....

  • Lauren/Twitch's My Chick Bad hip hop routine (Love it! Lauren better win!)

  • Alex/Allison's Hallelujah routine (pre-taped, obvs) (Extreme sadness he didn't last!)

  • Billy/Robert's Bollywood (Oh Robert! Why so sexy? Why so gay?)

  • Kent/Neil's BFF routine (Oh Neil! I love how you throw that boy around!)

  • Now we get our "surprise" routine. Remember that amazing Alex/Twitch hip hop routine? Well imagine it danced by Ellen DeGeneres instead of Alex. What? OK I'll admit it - that was pretty cute. Ellen was pretty good and dammit if she isn't likeable. Dammit, show, I'll admit it - that was a great idea.

OK, now time to choose between Lauren and Kent, the blond wonder twins.

Winner: Lauren.


And I do love how this show has gone girl/boy/girl/boy. So equal opportunity.

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