15 August 2010

Top Chef: DC: Restaurant Wars

Quickfire Challenge: Tag Team Cook-off. That's fun, because the chefs have to guess what the chef ahead of them was planning to cook. For one team, it means double-salting the fish. Oopsie.

Elimination Challenge: RESTAURANT WARS! The teams go just as the Quickfire teams were.

Team 1 - Kenny, Kelly, Kevin, and Amanda. (They won the Quickfire.) Their menu sounds better to me - and they work together really easily. That makes me sure something will go horribly wrong.

Team 2 - Ed, Tiffany, Alex, and Angelo. The team hates Alex and doesn't trust him, so they elect him to work Front of House. It's not like he's the most personable though, either. He's a total asshole to the wait staff, and a fumbling host.

Revelation of the Week: That Alex is 33. What!? He looks 50.

Winners: Team 2. Boo. I knew all that "the team's a mess" editing was a psych-out. Though Alex still is a mess. Ed is the overall winner, which is awesome because Ed rules.

Kenny (Smooth Brother #1) was the Executive Chef of Team 1, so I'm afraid he's going to be booted. Judging is pretty harsh, and the team calls BS on Alex contributing a dish. They totally throw the other team under the bus for marginalizing Alex, and insist that Alex should go home. Um, sweeties, you lost, it's gonna be one of you.

Bye-bye: Kenny.

OH HELL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! SMOOTH BROTHER NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's effed up, dude, he was money.

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