27 August 2010

Top Chef: DC

Quickfire Challenge: Make a dish based on a food idiom. You know, "hot potato," "big cheese," "bring home the bacon." Lame. Ed and his gnocchi win - that looked amazing.

Elimination Challenge: Serve high-end concession cuisine at a Nationals game. I want Tiffany's Italian Meatball Sub and Kelly's Crabcake BLT with Sweet Potato Fries. And I want them NOW! I'll take Ed's Shrimp and Corn Fritters too. Just wait til I get over this cold and get my sense of smell back. Because as of about 3 hours ago, I can't taste anything.

But even without my sense of taste I'm not going anywhere near Amanda's gray tuna. Douchechill.

Winner: Ed. Yay Ed!

Bye-Bye: Amanda. Duh. You'd go home for gray tuna tartare even if it tasted like gold. And you overstayed your welcome.

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