04 August 2010

SYTYCD: Performances

So in a normal season, this would be the season finale, right? There's always a Final Four. But this is no ordinary season, so they are insisting on dragging it out until next week. Weird.

Cat's got her hair all teased up into a messy bob. It's atrocious, and so is that sequined dress and her makeup. Bad Kitty Cat tonight. The hair only got worse as the show went on -- it looked like a tornado of humidity hit it. Just AWFUL!

2 hours + 4 dancers = loads of fast-forwarding through trips home and Cat's nonsense. Though I did watch Robert's piece, just because he makes me cringe. I learned that he is roomies with Channing from last season. I can see them living together - what a tall, cute, and athletic household.

1. Group Broadway routine by Tyce. It was innocuous. Lauren had another wardrobe malfunction, only this time it was just the top of the back of her dress. I don't know, I was bored.

2. Lauren and Pasha - Tango. Oh god I hate Pasha, but it was really good. All dramatic and stuff. And Lauren was sexy and strong and controlled - nicely done!

3. Adechike and All Star Lauren - African Jazz. Oh sure, they give that to the black dude. I love African Jazz routines - it was fun and great. The judges totally slayed him again though - they just don't like him.

4. Robert and Anya - Viennese Waltz. Ugh - 2 crappy all stars. Great. It was quite lovely and flowing though and Robert was in full-on HOT mode so it was all good. And hot. It was fabulous.

5. Kent and Courtney - Disco. The cheesy outfit and style do Kent no favors. But it was still fun and there were loads of great lifts and things. Kent has become a damn cartoon character; that personality isn't going away.

6. Lauren and Ade - Jazz. It was a crazy-awesome routine!!! They were so good - Ade is always so strong so there were some crazy-ass lifts. I loved the choreography and thought once again Lauren was sexy AND strong. She rocks!

7. Adechike and Kathryn - Contemporary. I really paid attention this time and I totally see what the judges' main complaint usually is with him. His moves seem unfinished -- he really does seem too contained, or like he's doing the moves too quickly, like he's doing them at half-speed or something, not finishing them. Weird. It didn't impress me.

8. Robert and Dominic - Hip Hop by Tabitha & Napoleon. YAY DOMINIC! OK, so that was pretty cool. Dominic is wicked good, and I thought Robert kept up with him!! He was even better in a couple places!! Fun times. Robert rocks too!

9. Kent and Neil - Contemporary by Travis. YAY NEIL! Everything about this is perfect - except for the Kent part. But even that didn't end up being a total turn-off. Neil is a freaking god, OK? A GOD! And the routine was dripping with homoeroticism. I thought Kent was going to suck Neil's toes for a second there. It was great. Travis is such an amazing choreographer. Loved it.

So clearly Adechike is the one that doesn't belong here. Lauren and Robert were awesome, and Kent is great - I just don't like to admit it because he bothers me.

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