11 August 2010

SYTYCD: Finale: Performances

It's the finale, and I wonder if they'll just decide to go with the usual Top 20 thing next season. Cuz this didn't work out so well. Every previous season we've voted in the finale, but this year I don't care enough to. I'm not terribly emotionally-invested in anyone winning or losing, but I'm still looking forward to tomorrow night when we're sure to get best-of routines and appearances by more All Stars. I'm totally hoping Russell or Joshua show up to dance Alex's part of the hip hop routine with Twitch!!

Kent and (All Star) Lauren - Bollywood. OK, now the Bollywood is getting excessive. It's more amazing when it's rare, not every other damn week. It was alright. Kent seemed out of place and he annoyed the crap out of me, per usual. Mike said I should just imagine him dancing without his head. I'm not sure that would help.

Lauren and Twitch - Hip Hop by Tabitha & Napoleon. It was kind of a dull routine, but Lauren was excellent. And Twitch is always fun, not to mention some Kanye West.

Robert and Mark - Jazz by Tyce. They have a similar look, so this will be hot. Seriously, they need to start making out, like dirty, dirty brothers. They were dancing to "Whip It" -- who doesn't love that? It was cool - not mind-blowing or anything, but enjoyable. I thought Robert was just as good as Mark.

Lauren and Robert - Contemporary. Jesus, Lauren can quite literally bend over backwards. She's amazing. They made a really lovely pair and the choreography was light and fluid and lovely. Oh - and Robert was dancing only in pajama pants. Did I not mention that?

Lauren and Kent - Jazz by Mandy Moore. They danced to "Hip To Be Square" dressed like nerds. The whole thing gave me douchechills. Mandy Moore sucks. Boooooooring and certainly not challenging. Ick. The judging was great because they essentially said Mandy Moore sucked but without of course actually saying it. It was cringe-iriffic!!!

Kent and Allison - Contemporary by Stacey. Can Stacey be the new Mandy Moore? It was certainly better choreography. And for once Kent wasn't acting cute. He was "emotional" though, which looks weird on Kent. For a minute there, I thought Kent was going to come out of the closet and I got all excited. The judges creamed themselves over him. And Adam made it All. About. Him. Ugh, Adam. P.S.: Allison has awful skin.

Robert and Kathryn - Broadway by Spencer Liff. It was the first routine I really loved tonight. Maybe because it was danced to the awesome "Cool" from West Side Story, maybe because Robert split his pants early on, maybe because Kathryn is amazing, maybe because Robert looks good in a loosened tie, maybe all of the above.

Lauren and Pasha - Cha Cha by Tony and Melanie. Pasha was Pasha, doing his standard Pasha thing. Gag. Lauren was amazing though, totally sexy and flexible and awesome.

Kent and Robert - Malevos. Well, this is a new style. It's men fighting. I might like this. It was kind of strange for them to be dressed in full suits while dancing like that, but it was cool. Robert tossed Kent's twink ass all over that stage.

So I'm not voting like I have in the past, but I hope either Robert or Lauren win.

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