21 August 2010

Top Chef: DC

Quickfire Challenge: Create a dish with the contents of a Mystery Box, and then another Mystery Box will arrive and you must use it as well, and then another, and then another. It means having to make something from fish, squid, black garlic, and passion fruit, among other things. Tiffany wins. I'll bet she goes pretty far - she's actually snuck up on me as a good contender. I think early on I mixed her up with the other black chick who sucked.

Elimination Challenge: Create a new identity for a classic dish. This is a "CIA secret agent" theme because, you know, the dish is going undercover. Groan.

Amanda's French Onion Soup went disguised as French Onion Soup and Angelo deconstructed Beef Wellington by making Beef Wellington. Not only that, but he used FROZEN PUFF PASTRY!!!! Hahahaha. Loser.

Winner: Tiffany and her Gyro. See? I told you - that chick's going places!

Amanda and Angelo were at the bottom, along with Alex because he sucks in general and his meat was tough. I love that Angelo really shat the bed on this one, because I hate his guts. Seriously, it's like a crappy chef possessed his body.

Tom got all pissy and sanctimonious with the chefs, and kept saying that the loser would be the 7th Best Chef. Alright, dude, Jesus, they get it.

Bye-bye: Alex. Alex sucks, don't get me wrong, but weren't Amanda and Angelo worse? And shouldn't he have gone home way sooner instead of Smooth Brother #1!?

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