28 August 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: Design a 6-piece Fall collection, working in teams of 6! That never goes well. The teams work out to be kind of Superstars v. Underdogs. I can already tell too many egos are going to make the Superstars explode. The teams work totally differently. Gretchen is, of course, Queen of the Egos.

I love how Christopher calls supporting Michael "nurturing" while Gretchen calls it "coddling." She's a Giant C.

Casanova's English Language Botch of the Week:
"I'm going to still be Casanova, but softener." He almost makes me feel bad for him when he gets discouraged, but then when he get all melodramatically quitty I just want to tell him to STFU and get back to work.

The Underdogs did really well with their military & lace look, and the Superstars' collection was boring and old.

Winner: Underdogs, and Casanova specifically. So glad he finally got back to work, and actually made something really nice.

Meanwhile, backstage, the Superstars are freaking out and Gretchen's trying to decide who to throw under the bus. Amazingly, out on the runway she doesn't immediately call anyone out for being weak, but she does hilariously start crying and saying they worked really hard, you guys! So hard! But then, being Gretchen, she talks a little too long, eventually saying that she had to style a bad collection. Oh really, dumbass, I thought you said you loved it? And then she flat-out said Michael was the one who needed the most help, and says his technical skills were the weakest. Wow - what happened to standing together? What a freaking bitch. Everyone else follows suit and calls out Michael as being weakest. Jesus Christ, what a debacle. Meanwhile, Michael has immunity and the judges liked the stuff he made. Ivy actually called him lazy and ignorant! JESUS CHRIST, PEOPLE!

You could tell Gretchen was the kind of person who would have that kind of snippy, bitchy meltdown. She didn't disappoint.

Bye-bye: AJ, because all he did was make an ugly shirtdress. But Gretchen was almost eliminated, so I'm glad they made her sweat a little.

But the best part was that Tim Gunn chewed them out for their behavior on the runway - even calling Gretchen a bully!!!!! YAY TIM!

Well, it's official, I don't care how much talent that bitch has, I want Gretchen dead.

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