29 July 2010

SYTYCD: Results

Cat's got serious bed hair happening, along with a short hot-pink dress. I prefer Classy Cat.

Bottom 3: Jose, Billy (who deserves to be there for that pink scarf he has tied around his neck - no seriously, what is that?), and Lauren.

ROBERT NEEDS TO STOP WITH THE FAUX-SHOCK WHEN HE'S SAFE! Seriously, Mike just cursed him out. And Mike doesn't usually care enough to curse people out.

You know what was cool? Seeing Lil C dance among the Step Up 3-D dancers. Cuz C is BUCK.

So 2 people have to go home, and at this point I hope Lauren stays. She's not just the only girl - she's been so good lately and her solos have KILLED.

Bye-bye: Jose and Billy. It's tough to see Billy go, but it had to happen that way. Too androgynous for America, eh Nigel? I think it was the combined forces of all the zits on Jose and Billy that finally overwhelmed America. Or maybe the fact that their skin finally cleared up.

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