15 July 2010

SYTYCD: Results

Cat is very, very bright yellow tonight. My eyes!!! That dress is also very short, and I'm hoping for an upskirt. We didn't get one though, even when she was arm-wrestling an 11-year-old boy on stage. Yep, you read that right.

Bottom 3: Ashley, by rule. Billy, which I guess is understandable. Jose, which is BEYOND understandable. Still no word on Ashley's injury, I mean we haven't even seen the bitch in the audience, so I'm guessing she's bad off and she'll have to go.

Comfort and Twitch Hip Hip was our Best-Of routine tonight. Good times!

Jose's solo was amazing, so I was pleasantly surprised. Ashley doesn't come out until the end, so I guess she's not dead after all! But her doctors say she needs weeks of rest.

Bye-bye: Ashley. They're doing it for her, so she has time to recover, and can do the tour. But it's a shame because Ashley was really getting good. So we're down to one chick, just like I thought we'd be.

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