22 July 2010

SYTYCD: Results

The group performance was a really great jazz number. You know who wasn't missing? Jose. Seriously, where the eff was Jose?? I love how they just keep him out of things entirely. Can he leave tonight already?

Bottom 3: Billy, by rule. Jose and Robert because Jose sucks and Robert is annoying.

For our Best Of routine we got Lauren and Neil. Yay for Neil in guyliner, that always makes me happy. Jose actually put some effort into his solo again - he really is doing much better in his own style of dance.

The judges decided no one was going home this week, and instead 2 people would go home next week. Well thanks, I just wasted a half hour fast-forwarding through this nonsense for nothing. I guess they decided that mostly because Billy elected to sit out. So if they let him go through it would be setting a precedent that you can take a week off if you feel like it. Hmmmm. It still kind of sets that precedent, doesn't it? Eh, whatever, I'm just pissed I sat through this. At least I got some Neil action.

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