17 July 2010

Inception: Holy Crap

Inception was one of my most eagerly-anticipated movies of the year. The trailer was amazing with amazing music, the visuals looks great, and it's a Christopher Nolan film. I was even willing to overlook my general dislike for Leonardo DiCaprio to see it. I've been on Severe Media Blackout for any commercials or articles or reviews - I didn't want to accidentally learn anything about the movie. Well, I'm beyond thrilled to say the movie lived up to my expectations, and probably exceeded them. It was an amazing film, and I often couldn't believe what I was seeing.

The movie is about creating dreams and it's also so much like a dream. Concepts introduced in the film are pretty much how the movie itself plays out. The main part of the film involves building a dream within a dream within a dream, and I found myself forgetting where the real world of the movie was. I couldn't remember how I got there, much as you can't remember how you ended up somewhere in a dream.

I don't know if I've ever been so fully immersed in a movie before. Again, much like a dream, it was complex and bizarre - surreal and yet understandable at the same time. It felt both long and short. When I walked out of the theater I found myself losing my balance, quite literally hitting the wall beside me. It definitely throws you off.

I also can't remember if I've ever been in a packed theater that quiet before. Everyone was riveted. After what was simply the most amazing, gravity-defying fight scene ever, the audience erupted into applause. It was like we couldn't believe what we just saw.

The visual style of the film is awesome. Everyone's dressed up with slicked-back hair, architecture plays a huge role in the film -- man, I just loved it. And the ending is quite perfect, ending just as a dream would, making you want more.

Now that I've seen Inception, I want to know everything about it. I want to know how they made it and I definitely plan to see it again.

Christopher Nolan (who wrote and directed) is a genius and if he doesn't get some Oscar recognition for creating this amazing universe, the world can go screw. And one last thing: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is hot as balls and amazing in this. He's come a long way since 3rd Rock From the Sun.

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