10 July 2010

Top Chef: DC

Quickfire Challenge: Make a dish -- and a pureed version for babies. We find out that Smooth Brother #1's wife died when their daughter was a year old (she's now 16). I love Smooth Brother #1 even more now. The winners are Smooth Brother #1 and the Black Chick That Doesn't Suck.

Elimination Challenge: Design breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes for Hilton to select for their hotels. They're doing it in pairs, tournament-style, and the losing duo goes home.

Round 1: Breakfast. Smooth Brother #1 made an egg on toast with prosciutto and manchego. Oh holy lord - I want to eat that! The crabcake Benedict looked effing amazing too - made by Smooth Brother #2 (from Baltimore - so that crabcake better be good!) and the Black Chick That Usually Sucks. That won, along with another dish, so they don't have to move on to lunch.

Round 2: Lunch. The scallops looked the bomb, and they won, along with something else.

Round 3: Dinner. We've only got 3 teams - 1) Smooth Brother #1 and #3, 2) My Girl Andrea and The Annoying Chick, and 3) The Gay Asian and the Old Chick. I like at least one person on each team, and don't want any of the teams to be booted. Damn.

Teams 1 and 2 both serve short ribs, and Team 3 serves curry mussels and fresh pasta. Both of the short ribs are good, and look really good too - I love me some short ribs!

Bye-bye: Lynn and Arnold. And as much as I found The Gay Asian entertaining, I REALLY didn't want Smooth Brother #1 gone. So that's a relief.

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