29 July 2010

Top Chef: DC

Quickfire Challenge: Make food served on a toothpick -- because there's a toothpick rule when it comes to lobbying, wherein Congressmen can't be treated to a meal unless it's food served on a toothpick. So the goal is to make the best thing you can in a small package like that. I like this one! I like little foods!

I want the chicken and waffle Andrea made. I wonder if she serves that for brunch.... The winner is Douchebag Angelo. His shrimp/cucumber thing did look good, but that doesn't mean he's not a douchebag.

Elimination Challenge: Take over The Palm for a power lunch. They're using amazing Palm proteins, like 4-pound lobsters. There was so much damn lobster meat and steak everywhere. It's making me want to go to The Palm; it's better than a commercial.

There's a minor scuffle over some pea puree. Seems Ed made it for his dish the day before, and then it went missing -- and suddenly Ugly Alex had pea puree. So everyone thinks he stole it. That's cruddy.

Ed and Alex are both among the Top 3, and the judges jizz themselves over Alex's pea puree. Winner: Alex. But no one actually confronts him about the thievery, or tells the judges. So I guess they'll just passive-aggressively deal with it, then? Throw someone under the bus, dammit, this is Top Chef!

The people in the bottom had overly-seasoned, over-cooked, and salty as hell food. Bye-bye: Andrea. DAGGER! That's my girl from Miami. I don't feel like she was all that great on this show though. But as long as there is good ceviche at her restaurant, I'll still go.

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