01 July 2010

Top Chef: DC

Quickfire Challenge: Make a pie from scratch. Goddamn, I want some pie. None of that Curry Whiskey Apple Date Pie though, thanks. Smooth Brother No. 1 wins. Yay Kenny!

Elimination Challenge: Prepare a picnic for 150 Capitol Hill interns. They get to grill at Mount Vernon too. Awesome!

The Fat Chick alternately irritates and amuses me. She's utterly classless and belongs on Hell's Kitchen. But her freaking trailer-trash accent cracks me up. What a mess.

I love that Fish Guy thought his food was the bomb, but meanwhile it was one of the worst. Talk about an effed-up palette. Smooth Brother No. 2 has a ton of confidence too, but so far hasn't lived up to my expectations. I mean, since when can a brother not barbecue some damn pork ribs?

Winner: Fussy Gay Arnold and his lamb meatballs.

Bye-bye: Fat Chick a/k/a Tracey and her crappy-ass sausage burgers. She didn't even really try. At least I don't have to be irritated by her roughness anymore!

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