07 July 2010

SYTYCD: Performances

Everyone dances twice tonight - once with an All-Star and once with a co-contestant. Everyone except for Alex. He was injured yesterday - and they think it's a ruptured Achilles tendon. Oh good lord -- if that's true that's really bad. His ass will be taken out by the doctors I bet. DAMN! Plus, Alex had drawn Bollywood with Adechike - that would have been cool.

Lauren and Pasha - Cha Cha by Jean-Marc Généreux. Um, she couldn't have been wearing fewer clothes. The chick was mostly naked - and this from the girl who almost had the boob pop out last week. It was fine - she was really good, but I hate Pasha, so I just get grossed out by him.

Jose and Lauren - Contemporary by Mandy Moore. He didn't really do anything. Seriously, she was doing all the work. He just stood there and kind of flowed with her sometimes, like they do on Dancing With the Stars. I like him and everything - I really do - but he's not that great of a dancer and he didn't seem to do much in that routine. The judges creamed themselves over him, because they're always nicer to Jose.

Kent and Comfort - Hip Hop by Dave Scott. Oh god this should be a nightmare. Farm Boy Hip Hop. They did him a favor by making the routine smooth rather than hard-hitting. He had a Justin Timberlake thing about him. It was fine. Hard-hitting would have been way worse.

Adechike and Courtney - Jazz by Mandy Moore. It looked like a really hard routine - lots of climbing on barstools. I was mostly focused on Courtney really. There didn't seem to be a lot of dancing though. Mia really slammed him, but it's not really his fault if the routine didn't call for dancing.

Billy and Katee - Broadway. Allison was injured, so Katee filled in - and it was awesome to see her again! I thought the routine was great and Billy was excellent. The style really fit him.

Ashley and Dominic - Hip Hop by Tabitha & Napoleon. It's been too long since we've seen Dominic. The routine was good and Ninja-y, and I thought Ashley was great. I was actually watching her - and this is the first time she really stood out to me. Loved it!

Robert and Kathryn - Jazz. Talk about 2 hotties dancing together - I'm excited! The routine looked hard, but something about it didn't grab me. The judges loved it though, and I'd swear she slipped at one point, but no one mentioned it. Wow, though, Robert is just as tall as Cat - that's gotta be a first!

Adechike - Bollywood with some Indian Chick because Alex is injured. It was a great, crazy routine, as all Bollywood routines are. Adechike was great and damn he had some great height on those jumps. Oy! But he got killed by the judges -- and Cat very astutely pointed out that the judges weren't as critical about Jose's Bollywood a few weeks back. GO CAT!!!!!! There's some weird favoritism going on there; the judges suck tonight. They're being brutal at the wrong times and Jesus they're just awful.

Kent and Lauren - Contemporary by Travis. The routine was AMAZING! It was really gorgeous and they were both great. Seriously, that routine was the bomb. And Farm Boy didn't bother me for once. I want to see that one again.

Robert and Ashley - Quickstep by Jean-Marc Généreux. The dreaded quickstep. It's hard for me to judge quickstep, but it looked good to me. And have I mentioned lately how hot Robert is in eyeliner and costumes? Cuz he's hot.

Jose and Billy - African Jazz. It was clear Billy was better - and I'd swear it almost seemed like he was holding himself back - but it was well done. Billy's leg extensions were just killing me. I didn't think Jose was powerful enough - again he just doesn't give everything. Or maybe he does, and that's all he has to give.

I'm gonna guess it's Adechike's time to go. Well, unless Alex leaving counts as an elimination. I want to put Adechike out of his misery; I feel so bad for him now when the judges murder him.

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