15 July 2010

Top Chef: DC

Quickfire Challenge: Blue crabs! Hell yes! I love me some crabs, but don't really love the whole slicing-a-live-crab-in-half thing. Ed wins with his Thai-inspired dish. This offends Smooth Brother #2, who is from Baltimore and therefore a crab purist.

Elimination Challenge: Create a meal at a local farm - and they all have to work as one team, which isn't likely to end well. They kind of ended up splitting into pairs anyway. It was tough conditions cooking outside, but a lot of the food looked good. There were just a few boring dishes, nothing too tragic.

Winner: Kenny (Smooth Brother #1) and his curried eggplant. My man!

The lamest dishes were at the bottom - a salad, a soup, and some roasted turnips. Snooze!

Bye-bye: Tim (Smooth Brother #2). Yeah, he kind of sucked always.

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