08 July 2010

SYTYCD: Results

I think I'm supposed to be excited that LeBron James is coming here to play. Instead, I'm nervous about whether Alex is too injured to continue.

Bottom 3: Alex, by rule. Billy. WHAT!? BILLY? Of all people? Ashley. WHAAAAAAAT TIMES TWO!? She had a great night too. This really sucks.

You know what I'm sick of? The judges making it all about them. Like Adam talking about the Oscars and - instead of starting with Billy's critique - being sure to thank his co-producer. Adam, don't start pissing me off. Mia tried to redeem herself by apologizing to Adechike. That was big of her - cuz she sure was turning into a Giant C. I don't think I accept it yet though. She needs to check herself before she wrecks herself.

Alex comes out at the end on crutches, and you just know it's not going to be good news. Bye-bye: Alex. This is the first time an injury took out someone major like this on this show. He has a lacerated Achilles tendon. Bollocks. He has to rest for at least 3 months. Poor kid. Survives the Miami Ballet and gets injured on a TV show. They said he can come back next year. This is depressing. He could've won this thing. He should've won this thing. And now I won't be able to see his Hip Hop routine on the finale! Waaaaah!

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