14 July 2010

SYTYCD: Performances

The dancers come out and I'm immediately all, "Where's Ashley!?" Oh god - another injury???? Yep, Ashley hurt her ribs and can't dance tonight. Oh holy Jesus, this really hasn't happened like this before. This show is killing people!!

Lauren and Mark - Tahitian Dance. Well, that's a new one. It was gimmicky, as all of those one-off cultural routines are. The costumes always seem to interfere. It was fine -- who knows what Tahitian dance is really supposed to look like. Lots of hip shaking, from what I can tell.

Adechike and Anya - Salsa. It was an ultra-hard routine, which doesn't do Adechike any favors when the judges' main complaint with him is that he looks like he's trying too hard. Indeed, he definitely looked like he was trying hard - and succeeding. He did a good amount of partnering, loads of lifts and twists and things.

Jose and Courtney - Broadway. It seemed like the shortest routine in history, and like nothing happened -- was there dancing involved? It was done to "Mr. Cellophane" and Jose was supposed to be invisible to showgirl Courtney. So what you have is them performing separately, and Jose performing with no personality. FAIL. You know what the judges treat Jose like? A retard. They always talk about how cute he is and how hard he tries. This isn't the Special Olympics. I like Jose a lot too, but he can't dance.

Robert and Allison - Contemporary by Travis Wall. The choreography was really pretty and I liked the part where it got fast and they were really in sync. The judges freaked out (of course they did - it was a "for my sick mother" routine) and Cat even got choked up. CAT NEVER TEARS UP! I think she's just trying to fill time.... But for reals -- Travis Wall is the best choreographer on the show now.

Billy and Anya - Jive. It was fine. For a second I almost thought Billy was into chicks. It was hard so it looked like he was trying hard. Meh, it was fine.

Kent and Neil - a Broadway baseball routine by Tyce. I love Neil with a passion so I'm kind of surprised I actually watched Kent and noticed he was good. They both have that athletic/gymnast style. It was a really nice match and they had great tricks and energy. Kent may have out-danced Neil by a bit, and that's hard for me to admit. Moving on.

Billy and Lauren - Jazz by Mandy Moore. I wasn't really feeling the routine. Mandy Moore's kind of been sucking it up lately, yes? It was fine. If anything, I liked Lauren more than Billy.

Jose and Dominic - B Boy routine by Tabitha & Napoleon. OK, so here's the problem -- Dominic is REALLY good and is going to pwn Jose. But I'm still excited for a good B Boy routine. Legacy even assisted in the rehearsals, and damn but I wish he would have performed. It was good, but you could totally tell how much better Dominic is. To me, Dominic has the great personality here, not Jose.

Kent and Adechike - Contemporary. Adechike insists on perpetuating the myth that Kent likes girls. It's cute. The routine was good, and the judges were actually complimentary of Adechike for once. But again, I'll say that Kent is a great dancer. There I said it.

Robert and Kathryn (substituting for Ashley) - Disco. Oh Christ, hammy-ass Robert is going to do disco. It was goofy fun, as all disco routines are. A couple of the lifts/drops were a bit stilted - but probably only because they were so difficult.

I don't know, I don't think I was really feeling the show tonight for some reason. It's sad when Kent is the dancer who really stood out to me. At least we had Travis's great routine to save the night.

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