22 July 2010

I Miss Comic-Con, But Not Tron

I'm not at Comic-Con this year, for the first time in 3 years. It's by choice, because we wanted to spend the time and money elsewhere this year, but now I miss it. I know that instead of bemoaning what I'm missing (Angelina Freaking Jolie! Probably the entire goddamn cast of The Avengers! A complete and total lack of Twilight panel!) I need to concentrate on the things that suck - lack of sleep, getting up at 4 AM, endless lines, lack of proper nutrition, crazy-ass crowds of people. Then again, those are the fun parts too.

But you know what I'm OK with missing? The Tron: Legacy panel. I just don't get it. Mike loves Tron and this movie has been featured in some way at Comic-Con both years we were there. Here's the trailer. I still don't get it. Since Mike's obsessed, I'll be watching the original before we go see this in December, but it seems really hard to get through - so freaking outdated and ridiculous. We'll see.

Anyway, I'm quite sure there was a collective nerdgasm in Hall H today when this was shown.

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