16 December 2012


Damn you, DVR, for screwing up and not recording Fringe on Friday.  Thank you, internet, for offering me other options....

The radio from the Pocket Universe is picking up a signal.  And Walter dropped acid.  This might be a good episode.  Walter has visions of a Tinkerbell type of girl as well as the chick who was burned to death in his lab. The team uses Convenient Resistance Tech to determine the source of the signal --  a skeleton in the woods.

There's a bunch of skeletons in the woods, and one of them is Sam Weiss, the awesome bowling alley dude from back in the day.  In their hunt for the source of the signal, they come across a couple in a house with a Child Observer.  The same one from the Pocket Universe, and the one they all encountered in the other timeline. Donald left the kid with the couple 20 years ago.  All they know is that he's somehow important to defeating the Observers, and he hasn't aged or spoken since.  They turn the kid over to our team, because that's what Donald instructed.

Then we get Walter reliving the past, with him crossing over to get Peter, etc., etc.  He's becoming the Asshole Walter he never wanted to be again.

This Week's Code: GUILT.

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