27 December 2012


Our team can't get Observer Baby to talk.  They bring him to Nina, who takes everyone to a convenient secret lab where the Resistance has been experimenting on Observers.  They've got a device that can basically read Observers' minds, but it doesn't work with the kid so they decide to try linking one of their mind's with the kid's.   

In the midst of tracking down all these secret labs and tech, the Observers find out Nina is working with our team, and locate her in the lab.  Soon it's R.I.P. Nina, who kills herself rather than have her brain probed by these assholes.  Luckily, she had stashed away Observer Baby so the team finds him after the Observers vacate the premises. 

The team takes the tech and Observer Baby back to the amber lab and hook up OB and Walter's brains.  Walter asks OB why he's important and he gets answered in a bunch of memory flashes, culminating in the revelation that September is Donald.  Man, I can't even remember what happened to September.  Didn't he die?  This show was complicated enough without rebooting this year.  Oy.

This Week's Code: SENSE

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