07 December 2012


Observer Peter is in full effect, with his transparent Wall of Crazy.  Windmark's out to get him and finds the Wall, realizing it means Peter can "run futures."  Peter does a lot of anticipating-everyone's-next-move tricks to outsmart Windmark, and fights him with all that blinking-out-of-existence stuff.

Olivia gets ahold of the tech/needle-thing that Peter used from their Resistance pal whose name I can't remember or understand.  She tells Astrid and Walter what Peter has done and wants Walter to take that tech and try to figure out a way out.

Goddammit, more of the Great Hunt for the Video Tapes.  The next one tells them to retrieve an industrial magnet.  Olivia goes to do it so that Walter can check out the Observer tech.  Walter's tests on the tech confirm that the brain gets, like, super-smart, and has no more emotions.

Olivia finds the people with the magnet - they've been holding it for years, waiting for Walter's return. Now Olivia has to transport this giant magnet back -- she's not gonna get stopped?  The Observers don't check for random big trucks on the roads?  The Observers don't find her, but some random thugs on the road ambush her - and they figure out she's got a bounty on her head.  The thugs call it in to the Reward Wire, saying they'll only meet the Observers in a "Truth Church" - a place they can't be read, I guess?

Peter shows up in the lab after his fight with Windmark to get his shoulder stitched up.  He feels no pain.  Walter says the changes will "soon be permanent" -- so I suppose there's hope for Peter to change back?

Olivia escapes the thugs, because she is Olivia and is awesome and rigs up a super awesome gun thing out of steam and Etta's bullet.  She is sure to retrieve the bullet.

Everyone on this show goes from Boston to NYC in 2.4 seconds.  It gets annoying.  Because suddenly Olivia meets up with Peter where he's watching Windmark to make sure he ends up on a trajectory that will lead to his death at Peter's hand.  But she convinces him to remove the tech from his brain so she doesn't lose him.  OK....  So does that mean Peter's whole transformation was totally pointless?  It's gotta have more repercussions down the road....

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