27 November 2012


Our Gang of Idiots is in Philly, so Gus Fring thinks Monroe should beat cheeks to Boston for a while.  Fool, Monroe don't run.

Gus Fring finds the crew hiding out in a friendly house.  Bella's Dad has gone to do whatever it is he needs to do, so he's not there.  Charlie is thrown into a cell with her mom, who recognizes her instantly by her voice.  And appearance.  A daughter who was, like, 10 last time they saw each other.  I guess a mother always knows. Then they get reunited with Boring Danny too.  It's boring.  Monroe's all, "Hey, Charlie's Mom, are you enjoying the family reunion?  Make me some power, bitch, or choose which one of your kids dies." 

Bella's Dad, meanwhile, is in Gus Fring's house with a sword to his wife's neck.  Nice.  He wants his family back.  If that was really Gus Fring, he'd be all, "Cut that bitch's head off."  But it's not, so instead he says hold on a second, I'll get your friends.  And then he tells them where to find Charlie and Boring Danny.

Our flashbacks are meant to show us how much Monroe and Bella's Dad are in love, and make us feel sympathy for Monroe, whose family was killed in a car accident.  We're also hammered over the head with Johnny Crowder being creepy.  We get it.  He's a cartoon psychopath.  Charlie's Mom kills him.

Danny and Charlie escape from their cell, because it's what they do.  And Bella's Dad and his Hot Latina GF are breaking in to find them at the same time.  Bella's Dad's sword saves the day again.  So at last they've found Danny... but now they have to get Mom!  At least that happens quicker than the 8-year ordeal to find Danny.

Time for the Miles and Monroe faceoff!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!  Monroe's all, We were BFFs, man, what the eff?  Monroe won't kill him, he wants him back.  Aw, how sweet.   I should be getting a strong gay vibe off this show, but unfortunately it's not good enough for me to.  I just don't care.  Make out, then maybe I will.  Or shoot him in the face, then things can get interesting.

Bella's Dad is all, You're nothing to me; I should have killed you the first time.  FISTFIGHT!!!!!!  Then - shocker - SWORDFIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's decent too, until it ends when Bella's Dad runs away.   Everyone gets out alive -- and then a helicopter takes off.  Charlie's Mom really should have sabotaged that power device after killing that dude....

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