14 November 2012


Our band of idiots buys their way across a Militia bridge near Philly and right into Johnny Crowder's trap.  They run and escape, because it's what they do.  Then Johnny brings out Nora's sister to try to get them to surrender.  I don't care about Nora, I care even less about her sister.  It takes a matter of moments for the band of idiots to mix up some explosives and free her sister.  Well, that was easy.  Then the sister is going to split, because Nora would rather stay with these idiots than go with her sister to see their father.  Nora is dumb.  Charlie releases Nora of her "contract" and the sisters walk off together, to Texas.  Bye, dummies.

AHAHAHAHAHA Nora's sister played her -- she was working for Johnny Crowder and stole the Mystical Flash Drive Pendant for him and led the band of idiots into a(nother) trap.  She even lied about finding their father.  AHAHAHA this bitch is awesome.

Well of course Nora goes back to rescue the idiots and of course there is swordfighting.  But they don't rescue the Mystical Flash Drive Pendant, and now Monroe has it.

Also over in Militia-land, Monroe plans to banish Gus Fring's son to California.  Gus won't let that happen -- he gets some convenient dirt on another officer's son who is a rebel.  He tells Monroe, and in exchange for the favor, his son gets to stick around.  In other news, Gus Fring's wife wants his ass to be in charge.

Our cliffhanger involves some people in some giant crappy bluescreen tracking Flash Drive Pendants all over the country.  OK whatever.  This show.  Stinks.

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