16 November 2012


Pacey's got the Observer power to see a series of events that will happen.  And he uses that power to make sure one misses a meeting.  Careful now, let's not go abusing this wondrous gift!

Time for another video tape!  They have to use William Bell's handprint to access his storage facility and retrieve 2 of those cylindrical beacon things the Observers use.  Good thing they have Bell's hand that they cut out of the amber when the team was first found.  Too bad the storage facility is part of a bombed-out building.

The team goes to find Old Nina, who will have access to some technology that can help them clear away the rubble without damaging the storage facility.  Nina's hair is silver and fierce; she and Olivia appear to have that same connection they did in that one universe, the one where Nina raised her.

Meanwhile, Peter's gone off on his own and tries to do the trick again to anticipate the Observer's behavior and get their Rebel friend to switch briefcases with him.  But there's a variable he didn't anticipate so the Rebel can't make the switch.  Peter's also getting some major hot flashes.

Peter tries again and it works, resulting in the Rebel exploding something inside the briefcase all over a group of Observers - something that makes their skin look burned up and their jaws fall off of their faces.  Kickass effects, zombie style!  I like it.

Olivia's not falling for Peter's shitty excuses for disappearing from time to time.  He's also becoming a little more robotic in the way he speaks.  She knows something's up.  Meanwhile, the team gets access to the rubble and enters the storage room.  They find a device, which Peter activates, and the beacons rise from the ground.

Olivia discovers Peter's crazy drawings of timelines - he's tracking the Observer lieutenants, anticipating their actions, and is totes a robot!  He tells her that he has the tech in his head.  He's totally speaking like an Observer; it's freaky!!  The toxin he used on the Observers was the very first Fringe event toxin that killed all the people on that plane.  Now he's ready to attack the leader.  And just when I say, "I hope he doesn't go bald," some hair falls out into his hand.   Nooooooooo!

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