06 November 2012


We open with Charlie getting branded with the Monroe insignia.  Nice.  Two days earlier....

The crew is ambushed by a ragtag group of kids not seen since Children of the Corn.  They're looking for a kid who was taken by the Militia.  Blah blah kids making a society blah blah no parents blah blah find brothers blah blah.  Everyone bands together to rescue the kid, who is being forced, along with other kids, to train for the Militia.

Monroe has been torturing someone Charlie's Mom knows for one of those Mystical Flash Drive Pendants.  Charlie's Mom tries to get the guy to tell her where it is, but she sucks at it, so the guy knows she's a spy.  When he still won't talk, Gus Fring brings in the guy's daughter.

Flashback to Charlie's parents -- they had a company that developed a way to inhibit electricity.  Last time I checked, it's called A POWER BUTTON.  Maybe a lightswitch.  The Department of Defense is interested in it.  In the same way they're interested in $900 toilets.  Also, we find out Danny had some kind of condition while his mom was carrying him, and he was all weakened and stuff, which explains his dishrag-ness.  And the DoD offered to help the baby in exchange for their cooperation.

So Charlie gets captured because that's just what she does.  And she's brought into the training, or at least the orientation, wherein they are beaten to death if they try to leave.  And also where you get branded.

Bella's Dad comes to rescue Charlie because that's just what he does.  And there is swordfighting.  Naturally.  Also, in the midst of things, Nerdy Hipster Guy's Mystical Flash Drive Pendant goes off and gets electricity going for minute again.

The end.  This show stinks.....

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