10 November 2012


Back to the Great Hunt for the Video Tapes.  Olivia and Pacey are busy grieving (helllla depressing) so Walter goes off on his own to an apartment listed in the latest videotape.  Where's Astrid?  Isn't she supposed to have a leash on him?  She must have been in the crapper cuz then she comes into the lab looking for him.

The apartment building is abandoned and has been through some kind of universe-ripping event.  And when Walter crosses one of the rooms in a certain way, he disappears into another universe.  It's like a trippy haunted house maze apartment with upside-down rooms and stuff. 

The team comes to the apartment to find Walter and then follow Videotaped-Walter into and through the "pocket universe."  On the videotape, Walter is walking around with an Observer Baby, or at least a kid like that little bald kid from Season 1 or 2.  Observer Baby isn't in the room where Video-taped Walter left him.  They figure that Donald took him, Donald being the guy Walter was working with back in the day when he was recording his tapes.  They find an olde timey radio that's sure to be important at some point, but nothing else.

Meanwhile, they left Astrid in the real universe, because Astrid always gets left behind.  She sees Observers coming to the apartment (they caught Walter on camera walking in the neighborhood).  The team escapes, but first Peter gets to do some hand-to-hand combat with an Observer -- and Peter is as fast and strong as they are, snapping the Observer's neck.  Badass.  And now Peter's seeing in blue like Observers do.

This Week's Code: SPLIT

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