04 November 2012


Papa Pacey is bitter because his baby's dead.  Elsewhere, The Observers are closing down a street for a portal-between-two-universes event in which 3 large boxes are "shipped" over.

Astrid's still working on that damn Great Hunt for the Video Tapes, but has hit a stumbling block because propane and ethanol that were going to be used in a bratwurst cook are precariously close to where the laser needs to go.  Seriously.  That's the stumbling block.  This show is turning into a parody with this blasted Great Hunt for the Video Tapes.

They meet up with a Resistance buddy of Etta's who tells the team that the Observers are shipping back parts and escalating their plan to degrade the air to the point where it shortens human lifespans.  Peter wants to get some Observer tech, open up the portal, and destroy the Future -- hard.  Luckily, the Resistance has captured an Observer with said tech! Now Peter just has to figure it out.

Peter uses some pupil-response-device to get the Observer to clue him in on the proper way to assemble the tech.  Commence sabotage!!!!  It doesn't go as planned though.  It does at first, and they think they've created a black hole on the other side, but then another shipment comes through so they obviously weren't destroyed.

Commence plastic bag suffocation torture!!!!  Turns out, Peter's reading of the Observer's dilated pupils wasn't accurate because, well, Observers are emotionless, reactionless effs.  So the device didn't work.  Peter wants to "put the Observers' tech" in his head.  Which involves him strapping the Observer down and pulling something out of the base of his neck.  R.I.P. Asshole!  And now Peter inserts that tech into his head.  Oh this'll go well...........

As if one hunt for video tapes wasn't enough, now Walter's finding tapes of Etta's birthdays in his desk.  Olivia watches it and remembers the good old days and calls Peter to tell him she wants him back and wants them to be together like they used to.  Well, too late, sweetie, cuz now he's got some metal wormy thing in his head!!!!!!!!!

Man, every episode ENDS awesomely lately.

This Week's Code: FIGHT

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