30 October 2012


I think it was Jim Gaffigan who Tweeted something like, "I hope this whole Hurricane Sandy thing isn't a giant promo for Revolution."  You know, I wouldn't put it past NBC.

Gus Fring brings Danny to Monroe.  Johnny Crowder, the sadist interrogator, is sent after Our Gang.

Charlie, Bella's Dad, and Nerdy Hipster Guy are speeding off in a horse-drawn carriage with Nora in the back with her infected stab wound.  They go to some guy's mansion, a guy that Bella's Dad knew from his Militia days.  He's got a doctor in the basement who does a blood transfusion from Bella's Dad to Nora.  Meanwhile, Charlie takes a bath and then freaks out and rips apart all of her postcards.  She's just the worst.  The dude who owns the house is a bona fide creepy whackjob who peddles heroin and whores.  In exchange for his kindness, the dude wants Charlie to kill someone who has been burning his heroin.  So Charlie has to wear a dress and pretend to be an abused whore to get into the guy's compound.

Of course, Bella's Dad won't let Charlie be in any danger, so he does some swordfighting (naturally) and stops her from killing the guy.  Because the editing on this show is THE WORST, now Creepy Whackjob Dude has Nora and Nerdy Hipster Guy and is going to make them duel.  An old-school gun duel on his front yard.  NHG fakes shooting himself in the heart (by shooting a flask in his pocket) and then actually shoots Creepy Whackjob Dude.  R.I.P. Creepy Whackjob Dude.

This week's flashback offers us a look at Nerdy Hipster Guy and his wife post-blackout.  It's pretty much what you'd expect, with NHG being totally inept and not at all tough.  And he left his wife with a group they were traveling with because he felt so inadequate.  Loser.

In the end, Danny is reunited with his mother.  I hope she's not disappointed in what a wet dishrag of a man he is.

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