02 October 2012


I keep hearing them say "Annie" when they're saying "Danny."  This is fitting, since Danny is a giant vagina.

Rebel HQ is in a shitty chain restaurant.  They've taken on a bunch of casualties and things look grim and the Militia finds them blah blah blah.  I like that in a post-apocalyptic, Renaissance-ish world, Monroe's Militia has taken the time to develop a logo.  It's on all their tents and even branded on their skin.  Awesome.  Maybe Rebel HQ should do better than an American flag.

Shocker: Bella's Dad does what Bella's Dad does best - sword fighting.  I guess they really are going to do this every week....

This week's flashbacks show us Bella's Dad and Monroe's relationship soon after the blackout.  They tell us absolutely nothing.  But in the present day, we find out Bella's Dad was once the second-in-command in the Militia.  So what?  We already knew they were BFFs.  This isn't surprising to me.  But it's surprising to Charlie, who in her defense didn't know they were besties in the first place.  I guess we're meant to be afraid of the Militia because Badass Bella's Dad trained them.  Then we get a flashback where Bella's Dad was once the unstable, murderous one of the pair of Miles & Monroe.  Hey -- I like that the "M" in the militia logo might be for Monroe but could also be for Miles Matheson.  Lots of M's in this bitch.

Nerdy Hipster Guy and Dull British Stepmom are on a quest for the Mystical Flash Drive Woman, but she's nowhere to be found at her farm.  Her place is trashed and NHG finds the remnants of a computer that I guess he just assumes she recently used.  Because who would have a computer 15 years after the power went out, I guess.  Unless it was just for nostalgia.  Or wishful thinking.

At the end, the Mystical Flash Drive starts glowing, music starts playing, and DBS can see the photo of her kids on her iPhone.  And then the power goes out again.

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