08 October 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons

Trishelle is gunning for Sarah because Sarah has her eyes on Alton and Alton is a whore. 

The Challenge is a crazy 5-legged race that involves hanging and hooks.  And it's suspended over water, as most Challenges are.  Eric hits the water right away, as Eric is prone to do.  Fresh Meat loses.

The Power Team is Las Vegas.  Trishelle wants Sarah/Brooklyn gone, but Alton of course defends his new BFF.  I'm not commenting on the fact that Alton's sitting in the back of the bus eating watermelon while they argue.  Nope.  Trishelle wins that fight.  I love that Devyn accuses Sarah of not knowing how to give a proper BJ. 

The Arena: A strategy game, with Cara Maria & Brandon being chosen to go against Sarah & Chet, who volunteered themselves.  The strategy game involves tying knots in a rope around a jungle gym; then the other team has to unwrap the rope.  Besides being a strategy game, it's a heavy-ass rope.

Bye-bye: Cara Maria and Brandon.  Aw, man, MORE PEOPLE I KNOW GOING HOME!!  This stinks.  I'll miss Cara Maria and her crazy Jack Sparrow hair.

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Kim said...

You could always follow her on twitter. Or so I've heard.