09 October 2012


Dull British Stepmom and Nerdy Hipster Guy meet Bella's Dad and Charlie at the rendezvous point.  There is more walking.  They come upon dogs eating a deer.  The dogs chase them.  Taste the excitement, people!  Cuz honestly - it's so. boring.  Flashback to Charlie's mom leaving the family to "get supplies" - still. boring.  Oh wait - there's a STORM COMING!  That's exciting! 

Now to Monroe's palace where Charlie's mom is being held.  After sweet talking doesn't work for Monroe, Johnny Crowder is brought in to do some light torture.  I think.  I don't know, they don't show anything and then at the end they just come back to Monroe threatening to rip out Danny's molars in front of her.  That would be awesome.  Spoiler Alert: it'll never happen.

The Team of Idiots arrives at an amusement park.  That Quasi-Militia Guy is still following them; he just won't go away.  And now there's another guy watching them... WITH A DOG!!  When the power is out, dogs rule the world! 

Charlie is the worst character on television.  Stop whining, twat!  Let Bella's Dad do what he needs to do and stop giving him the guilt trip for not wanting to find your stupid brother.  Said stupid brother uses the cover of the impending storm (like, tornado-level storm) to get away.  But then Gus Fring is on him in 2 seconds, as if to further demonstrate how not-bright Danny is.  That's a new record - didn't he get away for about 15 seconds last time?

Time for more RUNNING FROM DOGS!!!!!  Dull British Stepmom is stabbed by Guy With Dog.  Lucky her; he nicked an artery so she gets out of this soon.  Then DOG MAN NABS CHARLIE!  And they talk each other to death.  Til Bella's Dad gets there for the KNIFE FIGHT wherein Quasi-Militia Guy stabs Dog Man!

So the storm comes but doesn't really, it just kind of peters out, much like this show.  But then the ceiling caves in on Gus Fring.  Will Dumb Danny save him?  Of course he will.  Because Dumb Danny is perfect.  Gus slaps handcuffs back on him.  Dumb Danny.

R.I.P. Dull British Stepmom.  I couldn't care less.  And this was after Nerdy Hipster Guy sewed up her artery.  Jesus, he had to endure the trauma of diner surgery for this bitch only to have her die 1 minute later?  Boo.  Oh guess what - now Bella's Dad isn't going anywhere.  Dammit, he almost got away!

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