12 October 2012


So I just watched the pilot for Arrow.  And I'm all in.  It's like Smallville but 1000 times better.  Cuz this guy actually kills people.  And the mystery of what happened to him while he was missing is cool.  Loved the pilot!

Over on Fringe, it's the Great Hunt for the Video Tapes.  The first one is Walter smoking a massive bong, and it leads them to a location in a Northern Pennsylvania forest.  Within this forest is... for old time's sake let's call them the Freaks of the Week -- people who look like they have tar all over their faces and live in some weird little village.

The shit-faced guys recognize Walter.  They're a group of refugees from the city who maintain an historical record of mankind.  Walter's tape sends them to an abandoned mine where they find an extra-tarred-up dead body.  The team starts developing tar spots as well.   They've got to get to the bottom of the mine to retrieve some kind of quartz crystals that are super, super important, you guys.  Some tar guy makes the sacrifice play to retrieve it.  The end.

Olivia does a lot of angsting over whether she was a bad mother. Boo.  I'm still not feeling this season.  Yeah, I get it, life is bad under The Observers.  It's also boring.  And I don't care about these ugly tar people.  The story on this one stunk.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

This Week's Code: ANGER.  Yeah, that about sums it up.  The next one looks better though.

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