16 October 2012


Gus Fring is hosting his own Fight Club.  Honestly.  He beats the crap out of Boring Danny.  Which should be awesome, but Shirtless Gus Fring is creepy.  Our flashbacks this week show Gus before the blackout when he was a regular joe, kind of a corporate idiot whose neighbors take advantage of him and he just passive-aggressively deals with life.  Reminds me of when we met John Locke in flashback.  Only 700% less awesome.  He's also married to one of Jack Bauer's old girlfriends and has a young son.  We see him go all crazy when a looter shows up to his home after the blackout.  He's had enough, dammit, he's Gus Fring!

Dull British Stepmom is in the ground, so Bella's Dad says it's time to stop whining and get going.  Charlie, stop whining?  Right -- that'll be the day.  They hear a train, and see Gus trying to get one going.

Nora goes to visit a dude named Hutch and uses the code, "I'm looking for a copy of Joe Biden's biography," which is apparently Resistance code for, "I'm cool."  She wants help blowing up the train.

Charlie runs into Gus Fring then Bella's Dad comes along to have a knife fight with him and then run off.  This show really sucks.  It's just a bunch of shoddly-edited-together scenes.  I don't get it.

So you know how Nora wants to blow up the train?  Guess what Charlie's whining about -- "What if Danny's on board?"  ENOUGH ABOUT DANNY!  When Nora sees that Danny is indeed on the train, she wants to stop the bomb, so Hutch stabs her.  Oh noooo the train is taking offfff.  Whoooo cares.

Bella's Dad and Charlie highjack a couple of horses to catch the train.  They bust in and Charlie laughably tries to fight Gus Fring.  Please choke her to death, Gus, please!!!  Bella's Dad literally reaches into the flames of the engine to pull out the bomb-booby-trapped log.  Good thing he got there in time to notice that a bomb-booby-trapped log was being used.  Effing random and awful.  Anyway, Nate comes out of left field (remember his dumb ass, the Militia Spy with a Heart of Gold?) to throw Charlie off of the train to protect her from Gus and then Bella's Dad jumps off after her.  These 2 idiots are back where they have always been -- looking for Danny, now tracking him to Philadelphia.

Oh so our big Shocking Revelation when Gus meets up with his wife is that Nate is his son, Jason.  Also, Charlie's Mom says there are 12 Mystical Flash Drive Pendants.

This show might be tolerable if it were more about the adults and the Resistance and less about the boring, whiny teenagers.  Alas.  This show gets really good ratings!!  I don't understand that at all.

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