26 October 2012


Let's not talk about the crazy hours I've been working, the Halloween vacation I went on, the fact that I've seen 2 movies and not reviewed them, and the fact that I have 3 episodes of The Challenge to catch up on.  Let's just watch Fringe so I can go to bed and work tomorrow.

Peter's on the run from Observers who tried to read him while he was stealing gas.  The rest of the crew is digging out Tape 2 at Harvard.  And Old Broyles is having a confab with the Lead Asshole Observer because they've determined that someone is working for the Resistance and feeding Our Team information.

Tape 2's clue directs Our Team to a subway station.  But in order to get there, Walter first takes everyone downstairs where Walter has kept all of the evidence from their Fringe Division cases.  Random.

During the course of a mind-rapey interrogation, an Observer gets the traitor to reference someone called "The Dove" -- my money's on Broyles cuz he's acting hella on-guard and can block the Observers out of his head pretty well.  Sure enough, Broyles texts Ella to tell her the Observers are headed for the lab.  So the crew re-ambers the lab and sneaks out.

The team uses the old makes-head-holes-close-up gas (that stuff was awsome!) to get past guards and into the subway station.  I like the concept of them using the past Fringe case evidence and making weapons out of them.  But I don't know if that's something that's going to continue, or was just the gimmick for this episode.

So what they get out of the station is a giant scroll of an equation that Walter wrote and can't make sense of.  Broyles comes by and they have a sweet reunion, and he gives them some weapons.  Observers catch up to them.    Everyone shoots and runs.  Lead Asshole Observer catches up to Etta.  I suddenly think this show could get interesting if Etta dies. Time to lose the weirdness of a 5-year age gap between parents and child.  Get some drama and angst from her death.

Sure enough, Lead Asshole Observer shoots her.  And before she dies, Etta arms a bomb that wipes out a bunch of Observers.  R.I.P. Etta.  Nothing against you, kid, but I want my old show back.  And you were in my way.  This might just be the jolt the show needed.  Peter's at least going to be crazed for revenge.

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