02 October 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons

Sarah's got jungle fever, all in love with Alton.  Well, as we know, his body is on point.  Exes Melinda and Danny both have significant others back home, so 10 bucks says they end up hooking up.

The challenge is some good old-fashioned, porny, trashy oil wrestling.  Really.  The fact that they have to wear helmets kind of kills the mood.  You know what's killing me this season?  The soundtrack.  We get it, dubstep is hot right now.

As for these people I don't know: 1) Knight is a fat dumb douche idiot 2) I love Laura's hair and 3) I got confirmation that Sam is a chick, so at least wrestling in bathing suits did that for me.

The Power Team is San Diego, and they choose Fresh Meat to go up against the losers, Austin.  Dammit - I'm losing all the people I know!  They also choose Endurance.

The Arena: Melinda & Danny (cuz that's all that's left of Austin) v. Camila & Eric (Fresh Meat didn't decide so San Diego chose).

Bye-bye:  Melinda & Danny.  Oh well, guess they won't hook up after all.  Til the next Challenge....

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Jaime Smith said...

I’m actually sad Melinda and Danny were eliminated so early, no more “Team Austin.” I really did not have any other team to cheer for this season, and Wes is gone so I’m not sure how the alliances will be affected. I will miss the upcoming episode of “Battle of the Seasons” because of my new work schedule at DISH. My Hopper is already set to record the newest episode, and since I have so much DVR recording space I decided to record the rest of the season. I can’t wait to see who is set up for elimination tonight.