20 November 2012


Bella's Dad is the shit, with his sword and his rugged leather coat.  He is the ONLY thing tolerable about this damn show.

Our Gang of Idiots have teamed up with some Rebels and are walking through the train tunnels to Philly.  Charlie steps on a landmine.  YAY!!! Blow up, Charlie!!  Shocker, Charlie tells them all to leave and, shocker, they won't.  Tragically, they all escape the explosion, but now there is literally no turning back, as the tunnel behind them is blocked.

Charlie's Mom is building some machine and explains to a new Militia guy (and therefore the audience) that the Mystical Flash Drive Pendant is like a wireless battery that powers small appliances, like CD players featuring plugs for Led Zeppelin albums, and works only within a short range.  Her machine will be an amplifier so it can work up to 1/2 a mile and power larger things... like missiles.  But Gus Fring is suspicious of her and sends in a guy for a second opinion.  She's not making an amplifier -- she's making a bomb.  Now that's clever.  She also kills the second-opinion guy so that they need her to build the amplifier for real now.  Are you sure you're related to Charlie?  (And do you think you're Walter White?)

Our Gang of Idiots are slowly suffocating because the rubble from the explosion also cut off their air supply.  And we know this because they are starting to hallucinate.  But just for a little while, and then they conveniently stop.  They can breathe fine though.  I need a doctor to tell me if this is possible, thank you.  There also seems to be a lot of air in those great big tunnels.  But whatever. 

Bella's Dad's hallucination features the music of Led Zeppelin and a visit from Monroe.  Have you heard they have some greatest hits album out or something?  That's the rumor.  Why does Monroe look like he wants to bang Bella's Dad?  I'd totally watch that show.  Please.

Nerdy Hipster Guy sees his wife, who is the boring nag she always was.  Good thing they find a door and get some air, but then a Rebel guy they're traveling with is suddenly actually Militia and kills everyone who isn't in the main cast (dagger!) and takes Bella's Dad.  Then Charlie shoots the Militia guy and he gets a shot off at her as he goes down.  YAAAYYYY!  We're then treated to Charlie dreaming about her Dad being alive and Miles trying to wake her up, mostly by yelling, "Wake up!"  Go to the light, Charlie!!!  Ugh this show slows down so much when it's about Charlie, especially when she utters the word, "Danny."  She wakes up.  The bullet just grazed her head.  Shit.

I'm pretty sure after next week we don't get another episode of Revolution for 4 months.  This is going to be the Greatest 4 Months of My Life.

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