03 September 2011

Project Runway

Challenge: Collaborate with art school kids to create an avant garde look inspired by the kids' artwork. The art kids are adorable (some quiet and shy, some won't shut up) and amazing artists.

Bert must be back on his meds because he's hella upbeat - for Bert. "It's a tough challenge and we're all doing the best we can." Cheerleader Bert is weird. Olivier glues his dress onto his model. Has he not heard of double-stick tape? Tim catches him and makes him take off the glue - it's cheating because it means his dress has construction problems. We might get tit on the runway!!

Kimberly's feathery look was very cool. Olivier's was lame, and even lamer - no tit. Bert made some horrid clown costume with giant high-waisted pants. Shudder. Laura's fluttery look was gorgeous. Josh C. made a trashy, rejected costume from Twilight. Anya's was crazy and amazing. I couldn't believe Kimberly and Anya were just in the middle.

Winner: Anthony Ryan. I thought his dress looked a little too glued-on, but I love him.

Bye-bye: Josh C. Yeah, it never works out when rejected contestants get a second chance. You were rejected for a reason.

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