29 August 2011

Breaking Bad

Jesse uses a video game for shooting practice. Oh how innocent and sweet this little killer is. He also has visions of shooting Gale along with the zombies, but at least he's alone in his meth house. That kid is on his way to becoming a killer for a drug lord and 10 bucks says he kills Walter before the show's over. (The whole series, not this episode.)

Skyler made arrangements with the car dealership to take the Challenger back, and instructs Walter to do so. Of course she did. Instead, he takes it to an empty parking lot to do insane donuts and pretend he's a stunt driver. And then he lights the thing on fire and blows it up. Ol' "rebellious" Walt. Gotta love the asshole.

At this point on Sunday, my power went out and I cursed God's existence. Now to finish watching courtesy of Amazon....

Walter visits Saul who gets him out of trouble for the destruction of property. It's gonna set him back $52,000, not to mention the cost of the car. This giant idiot. Saul has a lot of audio tapes in his safe and that makes me laugh - gotta wonder what kind of conversations he has saved up and why. Walter asks Saul to find a hitman to get Gus. Saul suggests Craigslist, but then says that Jesse can get near Gus.

Walter visits Jesse, who is painting the living room, finishing the former meth house's conversion. Walter's suspicious about (and likely insane with jealousy/paranoia over) Gus seeing something in Jesse. He does the patented Walter White Manipulation on Jesse, bringing up the whole past with Gus, the death of his girlfriend's brother, etc. "Is it possible he'd think you're that weak-willed?" Jesus Christ, Walter is cruel. Jesse tells him to drop the sales pitch, that he'll kill Gus the first chance he gets.

Walter supplies Jesse with Ricin to slip into Gus's food or drink. Jesse hides it in a cigarette, and now I have to be nervous every time he sees Gus. He's going to get caught with it, he just isn't that good.... Wonder if he'll go through with it - or if he'll accidentally smoke it.

Under Skyler's management, the car wash rocks an awesome 80's soundtrack. Walter brings in $274,000 in cash with the Coke Zero. Waaaahhhh, it's too much for Skyler to launder through the car wash, waaaahhh. Oh, looks like some fat bitch is over her head. She stinks.

Hank is walking with a walker, and he and Walter Jr. take their crippled asses to a Pollos for lunch. Gus comes to greet them and even offers Junior a job. Ha! That would be hilarious - Junior working the legitimate side of the business. Gus grabs Hank a refill, and Hank grabs the cup for fingerprints. SHIT! I sooo don't want Gus to get caught!

It's Meeting Day at the chicken farm. Gus v. The Cartel. There are TONS of security dudes around. Jesse brings the requisite veggie platter, and Mike also gives him a gun - for emergencies only. The Cartel turns out to be one dude who is the spokesperson for the group. Gus offers him 50 million dollars to conclude all business. But the Cartel wants something else, and we're left hanging.

Jesse goes back to his rehab group meeting, and tells them he's 4 days sober. Yay! He also tells the group that he killed Gale, but by saying he killed a problem dog. Long story short, Aaron Paul earns his second Emmy. The group leader doesn't want people judging Jesse for his actions, but Jesse says there are some things you just shouldn't "accept". Throws it back in his face about running over his own kid and everything. I pretty much just sat there in stunned silence. Oh, self-loathing Jesse, you are painful to watch.

Hank's back at work, walking with a cane. He linked the writing on Gale's Pollo bag with a model number for a huge air filter, the air filter to Pollos... and Gus's fingerprints to Gale's apartment. Holy Jesus. It's all coming down, son!!!!!

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